We are more than a software company!

PONTON is in many ways a special employer and more than a classic software company. Our business strategy is a mix of proven core business and innovative research-oriented projects; hence we are characterized by a successful mix of healthy growth combined with a low staff fluctuation. Last but not least, the working atmosphere at PONTON is characterized by:

  • Team spirit – We are a diverse group of humorous, dedicated and helpful colleagues, who maintain a familiar and friendly working atmosphere.
  • Beautiful office – We are based in modern, bright and spacious offices right next to a canal in one of the most beautiful districts of Hamburg – Winterhude.
  • Perfect location – Due to the immediate vicinity of the Mühlenkamp and Alster, there are numerous opportunities for having lunch breaks or after work activities. Some colleagues, for example use their lunch time for sailing, running or stand-up paddling.
  • Family Activities – We are family friendly and organize regular events such as summer or Christmas parties for our PONTON families, including partners and children.
  • Urban Honey – Once a year, we harvest the honey of our own bees and learn a lot about these beneficial insects.
  • Company Band –We have our own corporate band „Peak Load“, which not only per-forms at our internal celebrations, but also at external events such as user meetings, conferences or exhibitions.