PONTON has been working as an IT service provider since the year 2001. Our slogan is “We are the 2 in B2B”, which means we help our clients in standardising market processes to reduce the effort for cooperation and data exchange in their respective markets.

Our role is to, facilitate the creation of consortia, design B2B processes for the technical communication within consortia, develop the communication layer and platforms and operate B2B integration services.

Most of our activities aim at consortia from the energy sector with a focus on energy trading, grid management and customer-related processes. Nevertheless also customers from other branches like paper and publishing industry or health care use our services.

Over a long time PONTON has developed both experience in working with consortia and tailor-made solutions for participants.

We call the effect of our work an “N+1 x Win” – all consortia members gain their individual advantage from standardised B2B cooperation as well as PONTON as the facilitator.