Our Approach

We call our approach the Yin/Yang/Yong of B2B integration. Only if the three elements of the Yin/Yang/Yong are evenly standardised, cost of integration can be significantly brought down for all participants in B2B processes.

YIN: Use a standardised data format for data exchange.

YANG: Use standardised technical processes for the integration of applications on each participant’s side.

YONG: Use standardised data communication protocols that dramatically reduce access and operational effort.


PONTON approaches processes and technology from a user perspective. We do not sell products, we chose the right tool for a given problem, which is usually individual for a consortium. This may lead to different solutions:

  • Point-to-point communication
  • Platform-based coordination
  • Blockchain-based B2B integration


Together with the consortium, PONTON choses the right tool. At the same time and based on our experience, PONTON has developed solutions for the efficient integration of process participants:

  • Ponton X/P is used for secure, standardised, and reliable data exchange between participants.
  • The WRMHL framework is used as our customised, blockchain-based solution for industry consortia.


By accompanying industry consortia from the standardisation phase over software development through many years of operation, PONTON has gained experience with vertical markets in different industries:

  • We help our clients to develop product strategies
  • We develop vertical software tools, which are shared by users
  • We cooperate with clients and partners in providing value-added services