Enerchain honoured by German Ministry BMWi

PONTON was honoured by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) for the initiation of the Enerchain project.

Earlier in 2018, the BMWi called for participation in an open innovation initiative for blockchain-based projects and ideas (find PONTON’s contribution here)

In total 76 projects from various sectors were registered on the open innovation platform and on May 28th, six selected finalists were invited to the BMWi in Berlin to present their projects to a jury of blockchain and digitisation experts.

The jury selected three final winners from different sectors and PONTON was one of them. PONTON was rewarded as the initiator of Enerchain – one of the few blockchain projects in a stage close to production and for its international scope.

Dr. Michael Merz, Managing Director of POTNON, was then invited to present the Enerchain project to the general public at the booth of the BMWi on CEBIT 2018 and was honoured for exceptional engagement with the Enerchain project on BMWi’s platform “Blockchain – solutions for intelligent networking”. In his presentation, he gave an overview on further blockchain-related projects at PONTON, which focus on various other processes within the energy space.