Blockchain Technology

B2B integration is in the genes of PONTON. So blockchain – which is nothing else than another data integration technology – is a natural tool if it fits the industry process to be implemented. This is why PONTON has become one of the main European players in blockchain-based application development since early 2016:

  • Enerchain is probably the only blockchain-based process world-wide supported by a wide industry consortium and at the same time close to production start. We use the blockchain as a decentralised data communication mechanism that helps energy trading organisations trade with one another in a decentralised form. Enerchain is PONTON’s brainchild, we initiated the consortium, we develop the application software and we coordinate the consortium.
  • Apart form Enerchain and Gridchain there are several further activities in the blockchain space: we do projects that implement P2P trading in the neighbourhood and we develop a Smart Market for the trading of flexibility with the region. Fur-ther projects are NDA-protected.

PONTON is widely know as an international expert for blockchain technology: We give speeches on international conferences, we publish papers on using blockchain technology, we show our technology on conferences and fairs and we provide expertise to decision makers.

However, it is important to state, that PONTON is blockchain-agnostic: We love this promising technology and we feel able to estimate its potential – but we also see its limitations. We observe the technology from a user’s perspective. This means that the B2B process design come first and if there is a natural match between user requirements and the technology’s capability, then blockchain makes sense – otherwise not.