We support the European energy sector throughout the entire value chain


Energy Trading

PONTON supports the European energy trading sectors since the year 2004.

We developed a trade confirmation matching service which is used by over 100 of the major European trading organisations for power, gas, and CO2 certificates. This electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) process is based on a platform that automatically matches off 99% of the industries OTC trade confirmations. It also supports back-office users in manually dealing with mismatches using a web portal.
PONTON is involved in process standardisation, system development and maintenance, technical operation and support, and also in designing future add-on services for the user community.

Moreover, we developed a electronic Regulatory Reporting (eRR) service, used by over 700 of the largest European utilities. The eRR service supports a unified reporting process under several regimes such as EMIR, REMIT, MAR, and MiFID.


Grid Operation

PONTON supports energy grid operators in various processes.

The Energy Data Exchange (EDA) consortium consists of Austrian DSOs, the TSO, and suppliers of power and gas. We helped the consortium to standardise the “Yin/Yang/Yong” of the supplier switching process back in 2012. Over time, EDA has gained a coverage of nearly 100% of the Austrian supplier switching activities. This has been achieved through standardisation and highly cost-efficient system operation. EDA is an inclusive approach which supports both large participants with over one Million metering points but also very small ones with less than 1000. As an add-on to EDA, the system has been extended to also include further processes such as invoice data exchange, meter data exchange, exchange of customer data, etc.

Gridchain is a blockchain-based project with a focus on TSO/DSO process integration. As the data communication pattern of Gridchain fits the profile of blockchain-based communication, PONTON decide to use this innovative technology to simplify and standardise the way how market participants (TSO, DOSs, Aggregators, and Generators) collaborate.


Platforms and Applications

PONTON develops 24/7 platforms and applications.

PONTON’s software development process addresses high demands for quality, test automation, and software deployment. On the example of CMS and SMSS we are constantly proving that our software as well as our support and services meets the highest standards of reliability and resilience.

  • Our Central Matching System (CMS) supports energy post-deal processes such as eCM and eRR 24/7. As trading takes place around the clock, so does the CMS.
  • Our Spot Market Settlement System (SMSS) supports a core banking process of the ECC (European Commodity Clearing), which is the clearinghouse of the EEX (European Energy Exchange). As the spot market also take place 24/7/365, there is no possibility for a system outage.


NEW 4.0 – Smart Market for trading of flexibility and regional electricity

NEW 4.0 is a joint research activity of grid operators, generators, electricity consumers, software service providers and research partners in order to explore potential solutions for grid congestion. As the Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein region has a world-wide unmatched density of wind-power production, the curtailment rate of wind power generation is also one of the highest in the world. NEW 4.0 addresses use cases such as fast intraday trading, smart balancing and trading of flexibility. PONTON’s role is to develop a Smart Market on blockchain basis for the trading of flexibility and regional electricity.