PONTON is frequently quizzed about B2B integration scenarios, especially now, with blockchain technology opening up new possibilities. In contrast to popular belief, blockchain is not the new “snake oil”, the easy solution to all problems. In this video (in German), Michael Merz gives an overview of B2B integration approaches and shows where the blockchain fits in.
PONTON and seven partners have launched the ETIBLOGG project. ETIBLOGG stands for “Energy Trading vIa Blockchain-Technology in the LOcal Green Grid” and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Obviously, the acronym says all: PONTON is going to develop a trading infrastructure that is so efficient that even fractions of kilowatt hours can be traded in real-time between prosumers and consumers. Typical scenarios are local grids in the neighbourhood but
PONTON was honoured by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) for the initiation of the Enerchain project. Earlier in 2018, the BMWi called for participation in an open innovation initiative for blockchain-based projects and ideas (find PONTON’s contribution here) In total 76 projects from various sectors were registered on the open innovation platform and on May 28th, six selected finalists were invited to the BMWi in Berlin to present their projects to
Praxis-Workshop: 10.-11. April 2018, Berlin (Please note: Since the workshop will be held in German only, the announcement is as well only available in German) PONTON ist nicht nur Blockchain-Pionier, sondern verfügt auch über langjährige Erfahrung in der Energiebranche. Mit unterschiedlichen Kunden entwickeln wir seit mehreren Jahren Blockchain-Anwendungen zur Verbesserungenergiewirtschaftlicher Prozesse. Da es nach unseren Erfahrungen insbesondere im Bereich der Marktkommunikation und den Prozessen der Netzwirtschaft interessante Einsatzbereiche für die Blockchain-Technologie gibt, wollen wir in
Six European utilities use blockchain technology to trade power and gas during E-world 2018 During the E-world energy & water conference on February 6-8 in Essen, Germany, PONTON arranged for a couple of LIVE trades together with project participants: Endesa and Gas Natural Fenosa completed the first blockchain energy trade transaction in Spain (see press release), Verbund and Salzburg AG firstly traded a day-ahead delivery of power in the Amprion zone (see press release), and

Energy LIVE trading over the Blockchain

Posted on 29. September 2017
Press Release: Hamburg, September 29, 2017 European Energy Trading Firms to execute Trades over the Blockchain on EMART   The next Enerchain milestone will be reached on the EMART 2017 conference in Amsterdam taking place on 3-5 October, when the first live trades directly between buyers and sellers, located in their trading rooms, will be executed in front of the public. This will mark the beginning of recurrent live trades in a broad range of

Enerchain P2P Trading Project

Posted on 29. September 2017
Press Release: Hamburg, May 29, 2017 European Energy Trading Firms test peer-to-peer Trading over the Blockchain 23 [as of November 2017: 39] European energy trading firms have joined forces in order to conduct peer-to-peer trading in the wholesale energy market using innovative blockchain technology. Trading will take place on an enhanced Enerchain® framework – a blockchain based application developed by PONTON that has already been used to execute the first European energy trade over the
PONTON has hosted the first Enerchain Workshop in Berlin on February 21-22, 2017. The event was held in “Unicorn”, a co-working space for start-ups close to other blockchain organisations in Berlin. The topic of the Enerchain Workshop was the practical application of blockchain technology to energy trading. In order to gain critical mass, participation was focused on companies generating and trading power and natural gas in Europe, with more than 50 experts taking an active