Our Industries and Application- independent Blockchain Framework

B2B Integration with PONTON

PONTON has been working as an IT service provider since the year 2001. Our slogan is “We are the 2 in B2B”, which means we help our clients in standardizing market processes to reduce the effort for cooperation and data exchange in their respective markets.
In several industry-wide projects our role was and still is to facilitate the creation of consortia, design B2B processes for the technical communication between market participants, develop communication layer and platforms and operate B2B integration services.


Our Blockchain Framework

Business applications within an industry consortium usually need more base features than core blockchain technologies provide. For this reason, we have built the blockchain framework WRMHL® (read “Wormhole”) according to our general B2B integration approach. WRMHL® is built upon JAVA technology, extended by those functions which are essential for supporting industry consortia. Therefore our blockchain framework is characterized by the following qualities:

  • Process independent – Since WRMHL® is not limited to specific features of the carrier blockchain, it supports different kinds of use cases for various industries.
  • Customizable – By providing an abstract transaction format, blockchain transactions can be used for different types of process-specific message content.
  • Modular – Due to the modular architecture and the separation of application and infrastructure layer, network-wide validation logic (also known as “chain code”) can be implemented.
  • Resilient – By implementing advanced node switching processes, the overall system remains available, even in the event of failing network components.
  • Secure – Our framework provides state of the art security features, also for process-dependent anonymisation


WRMHL Architecture Overview

WRMHL Architecture

Reference Projects based on WRMHL

  • Enerchain: P2P energy wholesale trading with a consortium of >40 European energy trading companies. Read more about Enerchain…
  • Gridchain: Austrian pilot project aiming at an improved integration of TSO/DSO processes
  • NEW 4.0: Government funded research project with >60 companies for a 100% renewable energy future
  • ETIBLOGG: Government funded research project for P2P retail trading of green power in local grids. Read more about ETIBLOGG…