PONTON X/P Messenger 3.7.0 released

In April 2019, PONTON has released version 3.7.0 of its B2B integration tool, the PONTON X/P Messenger. The release includes improved interoperability for the AS/2 protocol, a more stringent structure of the application configuration files as well as other fixes and enhancements. Please refer to the release notes for the complete set of changes with the 3.7.0 release.

PONTON will offer a free webinar in May 2019 on the new 3.7.0 version. The webinar will provide insights into the changes of the new release as well as outline the necessary steps to migrate an existing 3.6.0 setup to a new 3.7.0 installation. To register for this session, please contact info(at)ponton.de (registration closes by April 30th, 2019).

Starting with the X/P Messenger version 3.7.0, PONTON packages and supports the Messenger with the Java 11 Open JDK distribution. The Oracle JDK distribution of Java 11 is also supported. If you are interested in running the Messenger in another JDK environment, please contact the PONTON X/P helpdesk for more information on compatibility and support.

A trial version of the 3.7.0 PONTON X/P Messenger (and the optional X/P Listener component) is available for testing and evaluation purposes:

  1. X/P Messenger (Win|Linux)
  2. X/P Listener (Win|Linux)

PONTON will publish the upcoming Messenger version 3.8.0 with new features/ enhancements and Java 12 support by September 2019. We will continue to support the PONTON X/P Messenger on a freely available JDK with publicly available updates. Use the newest Messenger version to avoid any need for commercial JDK licences.