PONTON X/P Messenger

PONTON X/P is an ebXML, AS1, AS2, AS3 and AS4 compliant messaging service

PONTON has implemented message-based B2B integration since 2001. We support the client’s standardisation process, the forming of consortia, roll-out and integration of the communication infrastructure and we operate it for decades. There are clients, where generations of contact persons have been supported by the same individual PONTON team members. PONTON X/P ensures an…

  • encrypted,
  • signed,
  • compressed,
  • validated,
  • archived and
  • guaranteed

…transfer of messages between business partners. It is typically used as a bridgehead to connect a participant’s local IT infrastructure to the networks of its partners.

PONTON uses the X/P Messenger as the communication workhorse in many of its projects: It is the traditional, proven solution supporting the PONTON approach of B2B integration.



There are more than 500 users of PONTON X/P in Europe and North America. B2B platforms and services leverageing the PONTON X/P Messenger include:

  • The equias Central Matching System, providing connectivity for over 130 trading organisations, including 24/7 processes such as eCM and eRR since the year 2004 (electronic Confirmation Matching and electronic Regulatory Reporting, see also: https://www.equias.org).

  • The EDA infrastructure („Energiewirtschaftlicher Datenaustausch” / “Energy Data exchange Austria“) enables standardized data exchange for the entire Austrian energy market, connecting over 240 grid operators and suppliers of power and gas (https://ebutilities.at) since the year 2013.

  • papiNet is a standard for the data format / communication / business process among the supply chain participants in the paper, publishing and print industry. PONTON X/P has originally been developed for this project in the year 2001 and papiNet participants have been supported since then (http://www.papinet.org). PONTON X/P is used by many of the papiNet participants for the exchange of orders, order confirmations, delivery messages, call-off messages invoices and other data in electronic form.

  • PRISMA is a platform used for the auctioning of gas capacity between TSOs and gas shippers. PONTON X/P is used as an alternate channel for the data exchange between the auction platform and each market participant (“automated shipper interface”) (https://corporate.prisma-capacity.eu).

  • EEX Group uses PONTON X/P as its core data integration layer for the exchange of trade data between the group’s exchange and clearing platforms (https://www.eex.com).

  • Techniker Krankenkasse, the largest German health insurer, uses PONTON X/P for data exchange with various suppliers (https://www.tk.de).

Integrating PONTON X/P with backend applications can profit froma large range of existing adapters from PONTON and third parties.


Feature Outline

  1. Reliable, secure message delivery (end-to-end encryption with various configurable algorithms).

  2. Support for a variety of communication protocols, including ebXML 2.0, AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, S/MIME, FTP, FTPS.

  3. Non-repudiation of message submission / reception. Signed Acknowledgements including the hash of the original message.

  4. Support for large document payloads.

  5. Supports up to 500.000 transmissions per day.

  6. API and adapters / converters for backend integration with internal software applications.

  7. Built-in archiving of documents and signatures.

  8. Online registry for partner profile exchange.

  9. Certification authority operated by PONTON.