PONTON X/P Messenger

The PONTON X/P Messenger (or PONTON X/P for short) is PONTON’s high-quality B2B integration solution with a proven track-record in several industries since 2001.

PONTON X/P is highly configurable ebXML, AS/1, AS/2, AS/3 and AS/4 compliant messaging software. It provides additional features to deal with typical B2B integration issues (such as a listener component for the DMZ, certificate management and non-repudiation of messages).

PONTON X/P is typically used as communication layer in a business consortium or as an (OEM) communication extension of an existing software application.

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Pre-configured PONTON X/P versions for your business community

PONTON provides custom-built versions of the PONTON X/P Messenger that are pre-configured for quick and easy setup with our supported business consortia.

Please contact PONTON Support to obtain the latest version suitable for your organisation.

Participants of the EDA network can obtain the current version here.

Advantages: Leverage PONTON X/P to set up communication among 3 to 300 participants

The PONTON X/P focus is on 1:1 communication between business partners. It is used as a bridgehead to connect a participant’s local IT infrastructure to the networks of its partners, typically in decentralized settings or as a standardized communication endpoint of a central service. PONTON X/P leverages existing communication standards to ensure a secure, guaranteed, and non-reputable (ebMS 2.0, AS/4) transfer of messages.

Advantages include:

  1. Quick, simple start: e.g. setup PONTON X/P on existing infrastructure as standalone software, the PONTON CA handles certificate management for you and your partners
  2. Efficiently reach enterprise-grade availability using virtualization or the PONTON X/P cluster solution
  3. Seamless integration: use standardized adapters to integrate with your existing systems / ETRM
  4. Scale your business: Process up to 1 Mio message per day on commodity hardware
  5. Minimize maintenance: Use the PONTON Partner Registry to configure a new partner in one step; all connected PONTON X/P instances update automatically
  6. Stay secure: Minimize open firewall ports by using the PONTON SIA; new partners are registered avoiding the need to adapt local firewall settings of the existing partners

Possible communication setup using PONTON X/P
Possible communication setup using PONTON X/P

Feature Set

Flexible configurationFlexible and efficient communication configuration

Support for a variety of communication protocols, including ebXML 2.0, AS/1, AS/2, AS/3, AS/4, HTTP(S), SMTP, S/MIME, FTP(S), all of which can be configured in detail per communication partner. Other configuration options include XML-based payload validation and payload compression.

A PONTON X/P communication environment can also include an online registry for partner profile exchange as well as a certification authority, operated by PONTON. These components facilitate maintenance and extension of your communication community further.

Secure message deliverySecure message delivery

PONTON X/P offers reliable, secure message delivery by implementing end-to-end encryption with various configurable algorithms. Messages are optionally subjected to XML-based payload validation for reliable message content.


Flexible and efficient certificate managementFlexible and efficient certificate management

An online registry for partner profile exchange as well as a certification authority, operated by PONTON, are optionally available to facilitate maintenance and extension of your communication community.


High compatibilityHigh compatibility

PONTON X/P complies to a variety of communication standards, such as ebXML 2.0, AS/2, AS/4, zip compression, SHA-256 signatures, etc.

The message transfer and its acknowledgement are highly configurable to easily integrate with third party solutions.

Non-repudiation of messagesNon-repudiation of messages

Non-repudiation of message submission / reception: Signed Acknowledgements including the hash of the original message prove successful transfer when using appropriate protocols such as ebMS 2.0 or AS/2.


Message MonitoringMessage Monitoring

Built-in archiving of documents and signatures. These can be accessed using the web administration interface.


High volumeHigh volume

PONTON X/P supports up to 1.000.000 message transmissions per day as well as large document payloads (> 500 MB).


High availabilityHigh availability

PONTON X/P can be efficiently setup to function in high availability scenarios using commodity infrastructure. Using PONTON X/P instances in cluster mode can further contribute to availability.


No Java runtime license required

No Java runtime license requiredStarting with the X/P Messenger version 3.7.0, PONTON packages and supports the Messenger with the Open JDK distribution. The Oracle JDK distribution is also supported. If you are interested in running the Messenger in another JDK environment, please contact the PONTON X/P helpdesk for more information on compatibility and support.

We will continue to support the PONTON X/P Messenger on a freely available JDK with publicly available updates. Use the newest Messenger version to avoid any need for commercial JDK licenses.

Efficient backend integration / OEM setup

Choose from existing adapters to integrate with your solution (HTTP, SOAP, file system) or write your own adapter using the Ponton Adapter API.

Possible approaches to PONTON X/P integration

Alternatively, integrate your application database using Ponton X/D with highly configurable mappings.

Download documentation

The documentation of the PONTON X/P Messenger is available for download below.

Document 3.7.0 X/P Messenger 3.6.0 X/P Messenger
System Requirements pdf pdf
Release Notes pdf (Listener and Messenger) pdf (Messenger) | pdf (Listener)
Backend Integration Guide pdf pdf
Adapter Programming Guide pdf pdf
Messenger Documentation pdf pdf
Migration Guide pdf pdf

Download trial version

PONTON provides the PONTON X/P Messenger for trial and evaluation purposes below. The trial license covers an evaluation period of 60 days on a test system.

For usage in production, please obtain the customized version for your consortium from PONTON support or contact us for a specific quote.

Software Windows Linux
3.7.0 X/P Messenger Download (zip) | SHA256 Download (zip) | SHA256
3.7.0 X/P Listener Download (zip) | SHA256 Download (zip)  | SHA256

Licensing and Support

Typical integration scenarios include deploying PONTON X/P jointly with your application or using a hosted instance (on premise or as a service). PONTON offers custom support and licensing conditions, tailored to your needs.

This includes remote as well as on-site training.

Please contact the PONTON support for detailed conditions and a specific quote.


There are more than 500 users of PONTON X/P in Europe and North America. B2B platforms and services leveraging the PONTON X/P Messenger include:

  • The equias Central Matching System, providing connectivity for over 130 trading organisations, including 24/7 processes such as eCM and eRR since the year 2004 (electronic Confirmation Matching and electronic Regulatory Reporting, see also: https://www.equias.org).

  • The EDA infrastructure („Energiewirtschaftlicher Datenaustausch” / “Energy Data exchange Austria“) enables standardized data exchange for the entire Austrian energy market, connecting over 240 grid operators and suppliers of power and gas (https://ebutilities.at) since the year 2013.

  • papiNet is a standard for the data format / communication / business process among the supply chain participants in the paper, publishing and print industry. PONTON X/P has originally been developed for this project in the year 2001 and papiNet participants have been supported since then (http://www.papinet.org). PONTON X/P is used by many of the papiNet participants for the exchange of orders, order confirmations, delivery messages, call-off messages, invoices and other data in electronic form.

  • PRISMA is a platform used for the auctioning of gas capacity between TSOs and gas shippers. PONTON X/P is used as an alternate channel for the data exchange between the auction platform and each market participant (“automated shipper interface”) (https://corporate.prisma-capacity.eu).

  • EEX Group uses PONTON X/P as its core data integration layer for the exchange of trade data between the group’s exchange and clearing platforms (https://www.eex.com).

  • Techniker Krankenkasse, the largest German health insurer, uses PONTON X/P for data exchange with various suppliers (https://www.tk.de).